Cremation Niches

Columbrarium Niches

Columbrariums are Carolina's striking indoor or outdoor walls containing niches.  Niches are recessed compartments designed to hold cremation urns. Carolina's cremation benches also provide unique memorialization places for family niches. 
Niche Selections

Carolina offers extensive niche setting choices with either granite or glass facades.  Carolina's single and double columbrarium niches accomodate your selection of either single or double size cremation cremation urns. 

Family Estate Niches

If you already own a burial plot or have a space in a family lot, you may choose to inter the cremation urn there.  If you wish to be interred in a family plot, but do not want ground interment, there are family estates available to house the cremated remains.  These estates can be used for those who have chosen cremation or in combination with family members who have chosen caske
ted burial.
Cremation Memorial--the lasting....

Although the selection of a cremation memorial may be time-consuming and require some important decision-making, once it has been accomplished it will give you and the generations that follow much satisfaction.  Permanent memorialization not only provides a lasting tribute to a loved one, but also gives peace of mind and a place of pilgrimage.  Caring around and remembering others are what life and memorializing are all about.  

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