What is Carolina Cemetery Park Corporation?
Carolina Cemetery Park Corporation is a North Carolina family of businesses owned by the William Henry Whitley family since 1942:    Carolina Memorial Park serves the Concord-Kannapolis area, Carolina Memorial Park of Harrisburg services the Harrisburg-Charlotte community and Ostwalt Vault Company serves the Piedmont and foothills of North Carolina from our Troutman location.

How can I locate driving directions to Carolina'slocations?  Location and directions to our locations can be found on our Maps & Directions page.

How many acres do Carolina Memorial Parks cover?
Carolina Memorial Park of Concord-Kannapolis covers over 80 acres.  Carolina Memorial Park of Harrisburg-Charlotte covers over 50 acres.

How old is Carolina?
Carolina Memorial Park was founded in 1942 and was acquired by  W. H. Whitley, Sr. in 1947. 

What are Carolina Memorial Parks' hours?
The grounds of Carolina Memorial Parks are open daily from 8:00 AM until sunset. Carolina's business office is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM; Saturday, 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM and is closed on Sundays.  Please refer to our Contact Us page for further information.

When is Carolina Memorial Park's Mausoleum Chapel open?
Carolina Memorial Park's Mausoleum Chapel is open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Please see our Mausoleum Chapel page for further information. 

How can I reach the Carolina family of businesses?
In addition to office hours, our 704-786-2161 business phone has emergency contact options for those requiring services.  Our Contact Us page and email addresses are also available for your convenience

Does Carolina belong to any associations or federations? Which ones?
Yes!  The North Carolina Cemetery Association, International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association; Cremation Association of North America; National Concrete Burial Vault Association; North Carolina Funeral Directors Association; North Carolina Cemetery Commission; North Carolina Board of Funeral Service.

What choices should we discuss with Carolina Memorial Park regarding memorial arrangements?

Carolina’s family counselor can explain all the arrangement options available to you and your family. When choosing traditional burial or mausoleum entombment, you will need to select a grave space, lawn crypt or mausoleum space and will want to choose a bronze memorial that honors the life of your loved one.

If cremation is your family's preference, it is important to remember that cremation is simply one part of the final memorialization process.  A memorial service and tribute is an enriching way to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Can we hold the funeral service at Carolina Memorial Park?
Yes. While funeral and memorial services have traditionally been held at churches, synagogues or funeral facilities, they can also take place at a Carolina Memorial Park location chosen by your family.  In addition to the immediate event, you may also want to consider catering at our Pavilion or Chapel of Remembrance.  Your family counselor can help arrange events in either of these intimate locations.

How much will memorialization cost?
If you have concerns about cost containment, our family counselors can provide the expert advice and assistance for creating personalized and meaningful memorialization on any budget.  They will fully explain the cost of any memorialization items you consider before you make any final selection.  

What is Memorial property?
The term "memorial property" includes all types of cemetery property that can be used for burial.  Please refer to our Memorial Property page for further information.

What is a Mausoleum?
Mausoleum entombment provides above ground burial.  All mausoleums at Carolina Memorial Park are constructed of materials found in the earth including steel for strong support, concrete for construction and granite for decoration.  Please refer to our Mausoleum page for further information.

What memorialization is available for cremated remains?
Cremation offers a wide range of memorialization choices.  Cremated remains may be permanently memorialized, placed in a mausoleum or columbarium, scattered in our scatter garden or kept in a permanent memorial urn and buried in our urn garden.

What does interment mean?
Interment refers to in ground burial. 

What does entombment mean?
Entombment refers to above ground burial. 

What does inurnment mean?
Inurnment refers to placement of cremated remains into an urn.

What is a niche?
Cremation niches are spaces in the columbarium where the urn containing the cremated remains is placed.

What is a columbarium?
A columbarium is an above ground or mausoleum-type structure designed for the interment of cremated remains into its niche.  The columbarium unit is usually two-sided for efficiency with rows and columns; inscriptions identify each individual cremation urn inside the niche.  The structure is faced with granite, glass or materials similar to other structures in the cemetery.

What new developments are in store for Carolina?
Carolina Memorial Park is always developing new ways to memorialize your loved one.  Please refer to our New Development page for further information. 

When and how often can flowers be placed on Carolina'smemorial property?
Flowers can be placed on memorial property at any time during Carolina Memorial Park hours. However, please refer to ourPark and Interment Regulations pages for information regarding bi-annual flower clearing, flower placement plans and flower rules and regulations.

Is there an office at your Harrisburg location?
Carolina Memorial Park does not currently staff an office at our Harrisburg location; however, please contact us for the  personalized service families have come to count on at Carolina Memorial Parks.  Please see our Harrisburg page for further information.

What memorial services are currently being held at Carolina Memorial Park?
Carolina Memorial Park handles numerous services daily.  Please check out our Services page to see what families we are currently serving. 

Carolina Memorial Park
of Concord-Kannapolis 

Physical Address:

     601 Mt. Olivet Road
     Kannapolis, NC 28083
     (Highway 29 North @ 85)

Mailing Address:
     P.O. Box 3257
     Concord, NC 28025
Phone: 704.786.2161
Fax:     704.783.2163
             * * * * *   
Carolina Memorial Park of Harrisburg-Charlotte

Physical Address:
     12015 University City Blvd.
     Charlotte, NC  28213
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 39
Harrisburg, NC 28075
Phone: 704.374.0542

            * * * * *   
Ostwalt Vault Company
Physical Address:

344 Field Drive
Troutman, NC 28166
Phone: 800.222.8631\

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